Double the fun






Georgie and Squeezy had twice the fun on Saturday, with two performances at Birmingham Rep Theatre. The young monsters spotters in the audience surpassed themselves in imagination and enthusiasm, and with their aid the valiant duo had no problem with tracking monsters and aliens of all sizes, colours, and fearsome characteristics! Even the smallest audience members showed great bravery and daring. We’d like to thank everyone at the Rep for their warm welcome, and all our audiences for proving to be such fantastic monster spotters.

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Welcome return to Watermans


Georgie and Squeezy were delighted to be back at Watermans Arts Centre in Brentford this Sunday as part of the theatre’s Digital Performance Weekender. The venue was buzzing with activity and our audience of monster spotters extremely enthusiastic, describing some particularly juicy water monsters they had spotted on their travels. Who’d have believed there are transparent water monsters with a thousand pointed teeth out there! Georgie and Squeezy would like to thank everyone at Watermans, especially Nicky and Natalie for helping everything look and sound great, and to our valiant monster spotters – we couldn’t have done it without you.

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Knowledge Arts Festival hosts Misunderstood Monsters


Georgie and Squeezy were delighted to have been part of the Knowledge Arts Festival at Oxford House, London this weekend. The three day celebration of all things arty proved an excellent opportunity to meet some wonderfully observant young monster spotters, many of whom came especially equipped wearing monster t-shirts and super cat ears! We’d like to thank everyone at Oxford House for having us, especially our technician Amy, and most of all our dedicated audience of monster spotters and their enthusiastic parents. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Photo courtesy Jonathan Watkins

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Georgie and Squeezy visit wonderful Washington


This Saturday, Georgie and Squeezy were at the Arts Centre, Washington, a lively and friendly venue not far from Newcastle upon Tyne. It proved a particularly perfect place to look for monsters and we were joined by an enthusiastic bunch of spotters, who helped us look for pink aliens with eight eyes, giant spiders, water monsters with spikey tails and more. Thanks to everyone, and in particular to five year old Charlie (and sister Maisie) whose knowledge of Ghostbusters will prove very useful for a future career in monster spotting! Thank you also to our lighting technician Duncan, who made it all look gorgeous, and to everyone at the Arts Centre. Thanks for having us!

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Festival fun for Georgie and Squeezy


A big thank you to all our lovely monster spotters at Greenbelt Festival last weekend, who did sterling work helping Georgie and Squeezy find the monsters over two performances in the Playhouse tent. Over 500 spotters helped to defeat the alien Scoodlefugs, as well as describing some amazing water monsters. Did you know that the reason no one’s sure Nessie exists is because she EATS everyone who sees her? Whoa! Thank you to all the staff at Greenbelt for looking after us, and Euan at Half Moon for making sure everything went smoothly – we had a top time.

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New dates for Autumn 2014

After a wonderful summer spotting monsters, Georgie and ever-faithful sidekick Squeezy are heading straight into a new season of Autumn searching. You can catch them at:

Saturday 6th September 2014, Arts Centre. Washington, Tyne and Wear, 14:00pm
To book tickets and for more info click here

Saturday, 20th September 2014, Oxford House, 11:00am and 13:30pm
To book tickets and for more info click here

Sunday, 9th November, 2014, Watermans, Brentford, 15:00pm
Booking opening shortly

Saturday, 15th November 2014, Birmingham Rep Theatre, 11:00am and 14:00pm
To book tickets and for more info click here

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Hats off to the City of London Festival!


It’s not often you get the chance to spot monsters in an enormous bowler hat, but that’s what Georgie and Squeezy have been doing at the City of London Festival. The marvellous Bowler Hat venue in the shadow of St Paul’s Cathedral was a wonderful place for monster spotting, and we were bowled over (sorry) by the excellence of our gallant audiences, who almost raised the roof with their enthusiasm. Thank you to the several hundred brave monster spotters and their parents and teachers for making the week so memorable, and a special thanks to everyone at City of London Festival for helping it all run so smoothly.

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