We’re going to Ledbury!

Following on from our success at Birmingham Mac, we’re delighted to be taking the Misunderstood Monsters to the Ledbury Poetry Festival on July 8th.  Hope to see you there!

99. Create Misunderstood Monsters – The Workshop
1.30pm – 2.30pm
Baptist Church, downstairs
£3 per child, ages 4 – 8
Create your own misunderstood monsters through poetry, music and drawing. These monsters are then uploaded in the Free All Monsters Game where they can roam the entire globe and be collected by Monster Spotters everywhere.

101. Misunderstood Monsters – The Show
4pm – 5pm
Baptist Church
£3, ages 4 – 9
Saint George, the monster catcher, is on his most dangerous mission yet and he needs your help. But are the monsters as monstrous as they seem or are they simply misunderstood? Overcome your fear of fiends, spiders, aliens, crocodiles etc. through the power of spoken word and music with Aoife Mannix and Janie Arnour. A show for 4 – 8 year olds in association with Apples & Snakes and Half Moon Young People’s Theatre

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