A superb summer for spotting monsters

monsters_main_croppedGeorgie and Squeezy head into their summertime monster catching this week, and will be kept busy with shows at Canterbury Children’s Festival, Queen’s Hall Hexham and eight shows at City of London Festival. Here’s the summer tour list, see you there!

Wednesday, 28th May 2014: Canterbury Festival, Marlowe Theatre Studiohttp://www.marlowetheatre.com/page/3467/Misunderstood-Monsters/680#-TheShow

Friday 30th May 2014: Queen’s Hall Arts Centre, Hexham, 14:00pm

Mon-Thurs, 14th-17th July 2014: The Bowler Hat, City of London Festival, 11:00, 13:30http://www.colf.org/whats-on/994-misunderstood-monsters

22nd August 2014, Greebelt Festival 2014

6th September 2014, Arts Centre. Washington, Tyne and Wear, 14:00pm http://www.artscentrewashington.co.uk/production-details.aspx?id=565

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